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Reason(s) you are interested in adopting a pet?
How do you plan to introduce your companion animal to other animals and/or people in the household?
Companion animal adjustment period
Who is or will be your Veterinarian?
What are your beliefs regarding spaying/neutering?
What are your beliefs regarding obedience training?
How did you hear about our shelter?
If yes, what were the circumstances?
How would you handle the animal jumping on furniture/counters/tables?
How would you handle the animal destroying/scratching the furniture?
How would you handle the animal chewing?
How would you handle the animal barking?
How would you handle the animal urinating/defecating where it is not acceptable?
How would you handle the animal keeping you awake at night?
How would you handle the animal shedding excessive hair?
How would you handle the animal ruining your favorite article of clothing?
How would you handle the animal biting/play biting?
How would you handle allergies that a current household member may develop to your new companion animal?
How would you handle medical expenses (emergencies and diagnosis of a medical condition) involving your companion animal?
How would you handle moving/finding new housing involving your companion animal?
When home alone, the dog will be (check all that apply)
How will you exercise the dog (check all that apply)
Desired characteristics of adoptable animal
Do you have any of the following:
Current companion animal(s)
Amanda JarvisDerek Jarvis2656 w altgeld stchicagoIL Illinois60647502.321.25705023212570iysys@yahoo.comLorna's Laces, Inc. 3.5 yeahsownIn the next few weeksCompanion for me20Off and on for a couple of yeaNoYesNoNo
Our turtle is fully contained so I do not see that being an issue. We do have a studio dog in my office where I would take my dog daily. I would be very open to discussing how best to introduce them to one another.
Everyone takes time and patience.
I am uncertain of this yet.
roughly $500heartworn, rabies, bordetella, dhpp0with me at work or in a cratemost likely in a crate4-5 i would guessmost likely natural balance
i wouldn't consider not doing it.
a well trained dog is a happy dog. i very much hope to have a well trained dog. aside from it just making for a better companion it is a great way to keep them occupied.
i will 12-15 yeahs for a dog PetfinderNo
i would allow my dog on furniture. as a general rule of crate training which i have always done in the past the dog wouldn't be unsupervised when it wasn't in its crate.
crate training, providing appropriate chew toys, and preventing boredom. 

​same as above. 

i truthfully am not sure. my instinct is to ignore the noise and praise when settled down.

hopefully with proper potty breaks this won't happen but sometimes ​accidents happen. clean it up and move on. 

try to figure out what is causing the disruption and find a solution.
assuming it isn't a medical problem it is just part of having a pet. you clean it up and move on.
pretty much everything is replacable.
biting is pretty much an unacceptable behavior. i would have to research how best to handle it though.
we are fanancially stable.
we would take our dogs needs in a home as much into consideration as our own.
in a crate, wire cageLeash walks every day, Will bring to dog park (Public area where dogs can run and play together off-leash), free run of my work studio.Sally Blandon 920.475.3843Leigh Kelsey773.780.5822Amanda Jarvis1/21/16Good with all dogs, Energetic, Mellow, Housebroken, Crate trained, age of the animal - puppy, age of the animal - young, size of the animal - small, size of the animal - mediumtraining crate, deck
We have a 9 yeah old Red-eared Slider turtle named Taco.
Brandie Swanson121 Dietrich AveGalesburgIL Illinois61401309-509-0148309-509-0148brandieswanson1987@gmail.comOSF Home care and Hospice2 yearsownImmediatelyCompanion for me, For a child210 years and 3 yearsThe last couple monthsYesNoNoNo
I would like my family to be there initially, when we meet each one of them. I feel like we can make all make a decision on which dof fits with us as a family. I don't plan on introducing our dog to any other animals.
Yes. I am fully aware that our new dog will need to adjust to our home. That means that there may be accidents or behaviors that take place, and we are prepared to handle that with patience and guidance.
VCA animal hospitals in Woodhull,IL
$45-$250rabies, dhpp (every 3 years) Dog will not be left unattended outsideIn our homeIn our homeposisiby a hourWould like advice on whats  best
I think it is necessary
I think its great, as long as its good for the dog.
My spouse & IUP TO 16 YEARSFacebookNo
We would correct him or her

We would probably put him or her in kennel for a "time out"

​We would correct him or her

By telling him or her "No Bark"

​I would first try to think about WHY the animal is doing it, if its not normal for him or her and then put animal in kennel for a "time out"

Brush the dog or if it's concerning, take them to the vet
Correct the animal by telling him or her "NO" and put him or her in kennel
I would correct the dog by telling him or her "no bite"
I would ask a doctor and vet what I could do to make things better for the person with allergy
We wouold handle it accordingly
We are buying our current home so that is not a issue right now or for a long time
dog will be kept loose indoorLeash walks every day, eventually when fence is put up, the dog will be able to roam freely in fence.Bonnie Guerin309-368-6945Courtney Mcgraw630-2157319Brandie Swanson01-25-2016Good with children, Energetic, Mellow, Housebroken, Crate trained, age of the animal - young, age of the animal - adult, size of the animal - small, size of the animal - medium, size of the animal - largetraining crate, basement, garage
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in a kennel that is indoorWill be free to run in a fenced yardNina1114445555Nina1114445555Nina1114445555Nina1114445555Good with cats, Energeticgarage
Failed on Start (retrying)Cat